Book test

The booking & payment deadline has been extended until Friday 20TH OCTOBER 2017.
No bookings or payments can be accepted after this date!


Secondary Schools in PNG are given the option to help their students to book and pay all together. If you are a Principal/Teacher and wish to help students, please email with your details.


To book your STAT P test individually, the critical steps to successfully book your test are below.
(Book the test first, please do not pay - you should make your payment after booking, not before.)

1. Have a reliable EMAIL address to communicate with the STAT Office, ACER.

2. CREATE your ACER User Account. Enter your full name, date of birth and email address accurately and carefully.

3. ACTIVATE: After creating your ACER User Account, you will receive email message 1.
Open the email message and click the "activation link". This opens the STAT P booking form.

4. BOOK: Click the "Book test" button and carefully fill in all required information. Your booking is only successful when you have clicked the "Complete" button.

You will immediately get email message 2 with your UNCONFIRMED booking details. Directions for payment are included in the email.
Your test booking is confirmed when you pay your non-refundable test fee (K100.00).

5. PAY: Follow the instructions for payment in email message 2. The bank teller must enter your unique payment description, or we CANNOT match your payment to your booking successfully.

CONFIRM: When your payment has been received and verified, you will receive a CONFIRMED BOOKING (email message 3). This means you are fully booked and have been added to the test day Attendance Roll.

You will not receive a CONFIRMED BOOKING email if you do not pay the test fee.
You will not be allowed to sit the test if you have not completed a booking and paid your fee.
Payments cannot be accepted after 20th October 2017, and the fee cannot be paid on test days.

If you are having trouble making your booking, please contact:
UOT Admissions Office on 473 4289/473 4281, Digicel phone: 79243472 or email
and for UOG, contact the Student Administration Office on 531 1835 or email .