About STAT P

All applicants must read the STAT  P Applicant Information Booklet.
The booklet contains essential information about the test and sample questions.
To be well-prepared and give yourself the best chance at success, please read the booklet thoroughly.

STAT P Test Structure & Content:

  • 70 multiple-choice questions, half Verbal, half Quantitative Reasoning
  • 2-hours and 10 minutes test time
  • Each test question has 4 alternative responses. You are asked to choose the most appropriate/best answer. Each question has only one correct response.
  • Questions are placed into Units, which begin with some introductory material. All the information needed to answer questions is contained within the Unit.

Verbal / Critical Reasoning
The focus is on interpretation and understanding of ideas in language. Questions may require you to:

  • identify the main idea in a passage
  • interpret specific words and phrases
  • paraphrase what is stated
  • infer suggestions and deduce meanings

Some Units test comprehension of demanding and complex language with emphasis on analysing and understanding the the information provided. Other Units test understanding and processing of ideas presented with emphasis on manipulating information and solving problems.

Quantitative Reasoning
The aim is to test your comprehension and application of information presented in scientific and mathematical contexts.
Units may present information in numeric, symbolic, spatial or graphical form. Questions do not require in-depth knowledge of the material provided. The focus is on your ability to interpret and apply information and to use information provided for decision making and problem solving.