STAT P Scores

Applicants receive a scale score between 0 - 100 for the Verbal Reasoning component, the Quantitative Reasoning component and a Total (aggregate) score. 
The scoring process is complex and does not allow applicants to work out how many of the 70 questions were answered correctly. STAT P results are not raw scores.

There is no "pass or fail" score for STAT P.  Universities will decide on minimum accepted scores for each course. ACER cannot provide advice on this.

STAT P scores provide a relative estimate of an applicant's ability compared to other potential applicants. STAT P scores are an objective measure of an applicant's academic capacity but other factors also play a key role in the final determination of academic success. Such factors include the applicant's motivation, application, determination and perseverance.

The information below gives you an idea of your achievement level, compared to other test takers.

Total (Aggregate) Scale Score


70 - 90

Excellent score
(top 10% of test takers)

61 - 69

Good score

53 - 60

Average score

52 or below

Low score


Release of Results

The universities are given the STAT P results in early December. Applicants receive results in mid-December.

Applicants should access their results in their ACER User Account. An email is sent when results are available.