You will not be admitted to the test unless you have made a booking and a payment. You must have the items listed in the checklist below.

Test day checklist

You must take these items to the test:

  • Test Fee Payment Receipt
  • Approved Photo Identification
  • Printed Admission Ticket
  • 2 Pencils and an eraser

Test Centres

Expect to be at the test venue around 3 hrs (or longer). Time is needed to check-in all applicants, for pre-test procedures, instructions, distribution, collection and checking of test materials, and actual test time.

You must remain in the test room for the full 2-hours and 10 minutes assigned for the exam.

No applicants will be allowed to leave early.

Rules and code of conduct

All applicants must follow the rules of conduct while at and in the Test Centre.Read the test centre rules.

COVID-19 and illness

If you are unwell or if conditions in the test room impact your ability to perform in the test, please tell the Supervisor as soon as possible Issues must be dealt with immediately at the time of the test. Results will not be adjusted for any perceived test day difficulties. You will not be allowed extra time if you leave the room due to illness.

Admission Ticket

You can find your admission ticket in your ACER Account.

STAT-P Answer Sheet
Caption: Example admission ticket from previous year

Please print your admission ticket if you can. If you cannot print it, bring an electronic version and the supervisors will write one for you at the test centre

More information about admission tickets


You must bring one of the following photo identification documents (ID) with you to the test.

The only types of accepted ID are:

  • Secondary student photo ID card
  • Tertiary student photo ID card
  • Workplace photo ID card
  • other official photo ID card (such as Church ID or proof of age card)
  • Drivers licence
  • Passport
  • National Identity Document (PNG NID)


student photo id PNG
Caption: Example secondary school identification card, showing name, date of birth and validity dates.

Identification document requirements:

  • be one of the accepted types shown opposite
  • must have been issued within the last 5 years
  • show your full name
  • your name must match the name on your booking
  • show a recent embedded photo
  • show your signature or a validity date or date of issue
  • Identity documents that do not meet the ID document requirements will not be accepted and you will not be able to sit the exam.

Personal ID’s will NOT be accepted.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed:

  • calculator or dictionary
  • mobile phone or other communication devices
  • audio or recording devices, or earphones
  • books, papers, bags
  • food
  • weapons, or objects that could harm others

Water bottles are permitted.

Belongings may be left in your bag at the side of the test room.

Eating and smoking are NOT allowed during the test sessions, or in the test room.

Hats and caps are NOT to be worn during the test, or while in the test room.

Mobile phones MUST be switched off during the test.