Testing for 2020 has not been confirmed. Please monitor this website for updates.

 The STAT P booking procedure is different for school leavers (current grade 12 students) and non-school leavers.

  • Please follow the correct prompts only (i.e. school leaver/non-school leaver).
    Do not try and book your test as a non-school leaver if you are a school leaver.
  • One test booking per applicant.
    If you make a mistake, your booking can be amended, do not start again.

To book:

School leavers only

  1. You must complete your National Online Application (NOA) through DHERST first (
  2. If your course selections require you to take the STAT P test, the STAT P purple ‘Register’ button will be visible at the bottom of your DHERST ‘My Data’ page. You MUST click on the purple ‘Register’ button to book your STAT P test. This will take you to the ACER STAT P test booking site (and will prefill your personal information).
  3. Click the green ‘Continue booking test’ button.

  4. Enter your Identification, Test Place and Time, read the Legal Declaration and click the ‘Complete’ button (as indicted in the image below).

  5. After clicking ‘complete’, you will be directed back to your ACER Account home screen.

If your name is incorrect, you will need to contact DHERST. If you have any queries or problems with your DHERST application, please contact DHERST Support Service at ACER cannot assist with this.

Non-school leavers only

Go to and follow the prompts for non-school leavers.

If you sat STAT P in a previous year, please login using your previous ACER Account username and password.
If you have forgotten your log in details, you can search for them by clicking on the link I sat STAT P in a previous year and can’t remember my log in’.

If you need to create a new account, you must have a valid email address before making your test booking. You cannot use the same email address as another STAT P applicant, it must be unique to you. If you do not have an email address, you can create one here
Once you have a unique email address, click here to commence your test booking.

After completing your booking, you will be directed back to your ACER Account home screen.

Booking Confirmation & Payment:

When your booking is complete you will be automatically sent your 'STAT P Test Registration' message. This message contains your test date, time, location, instructions for payment, as well as other important information.

Click on the 'Messages' tab at the top of the screen to access your message. If you do not see the message, try refreshing your screen.

Please do not message us to send you this information, it is sent to you automatically when your booking is completed. Please be patient, it may take a few minutes to appear in your Account Messaging System.

The test fee is K100.00 and is non-refundable. This fee covers your aptitude test for both UOT and UOG. This is not a university application fee.
Do not pay the test fee into any other account other than what is listed in your booking confirmation. We do not need a copy of your payment receipt.

 You must bring the payment receipt with you to the test or you will not be admitted.

Amend a completed test booking:

  Test sessions cannot be amended as bookings have closed

1. Login in to your ACER User Account.
2. Click the purple ‘Manage booking’ button
3. Click the edit/change buttons under 'Registration details' and/or 'Test Session' as required.

Note, you will not be able to change your name, date of birth, gender, or email address.
To do this you will need to:
Non-school leavers: message the STAT Office at ACER.
School leavers: request DHERST amends your application on NOAS. Updates will then be sent to ACER to automatically amend your STAT P Booking details.